Who am I Lord?
Who are You Lord?
Reveal, provide understanding
Grace wisdom and knowledge
Unknowing, allow mysteries to remain
Perception to pertain to progress
Towards truth aim
Cleverness be shamed
Useless self-glorifying distractions disdained
Aloof to complexity, remain still
Unafraid of a lack of recognition,
Humble away anxiety, worldly concerns begone
Within simplicity, repose on into contemplation

Who am I Lord?
I get so confused
I am dull witted when others are brilliant
So many astound,
Effortlessly articulating, they amaze
I am lost to words, unable to speak
Baffled while others are cunning
Easily amused, dejected, always anticipating
I am lost
Pleased with ignorance before Almighty Majesty
I am an imbecile

More Lord, who am I in your eyes?
Why tendencies that bemuse?
Inherent intent of liabilities confuse
Shortcomings, atop blessings, reap waywardness
Distance becomes natural to one who knows not proper order
Hierarchy manifesting supernaturalism
To know myself is a flame
Purgatory entrancement, pain and Presence
Why the difficulty staying focused?
Consternation, distraction, wandering.
Force me to face delusion,
Errant internal transmissions screaming for allocation
Placement forced through sheer will
Self-will run riot
Pride, brokenness rearing a multitude of many ugly heads
Reenergize adoration for alone time with nobody
A Presence exposed
Distance, space, empty into a void
Make not the ways of pleasure profitable
Allow not the filling of all that fills not
Grace with rewards leading to greater understanding
Stealthily advancing into esoteric matters
Who are You Lord?
Who am I Lord?
Building upon Catholic dogma,
Sacraments, the Eucharist, and Mary
Prescribed practices,
Essential attendance,
Caring not for recognition or rewards,
Teaching not, while willing to be taught
Settle into simple inquiry
Through faith
Through hope
Through charity
Who am I?
Who are You God?


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