Giving chase

Once again, I requested permission to use an Unlikely Wanderer photo. Here is the request.

I would like to ask permission to use Jirisan photo, giving credit and pointing to this post. You and Contemplative in the Mud are important to me. Actually only two other blogs I annoy. The idea motivating the photo request is the omnipresence of God, active yet subtle, allowing freedom while omnipotent. I felt your photo profoundly expressed matters. As well as another topic I plan to go more into depth on that being the appreciation of authentic beauty. To appreciate the beauty of creation is to glorify the creator. To move away from that, inflicting complexity, alterations in presentation, impressionism, are to impede into the area of becoming a creator–in truth placing accountability onto our backs. Your photo splendidly covers current topic, while foreshadowing a future. Thanks.

And reply: You are welcome to use the photo and thank you for your thoughts. I look forward to your forthcoming posts.

I have not put together the implied post. Following the blog, I was swept away by a recent composition, ‘A New Song’, causing me to move forward with this post. I dare to post the last two lines by an Unlikely Wanderer. They are beautifully profound. True beauty.

From where does this inward burning come, O Lord?
I give chase as though chasing a breath…

Here is the photo.  I believe all Unlikely Wanderer’s photos possess an intuitive perceptive eye seeing deeply into creation.  The circular white light of the sun, the singular tree seemingly arising in praise, I find amazing.



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