Divine Mercy Sunday Blessings

A Tanzanian priest, Father Rodger, emphasizing the curtailing of personal revelations, apparitions nothing in and of them self,
The Holy Family, triune in nature, three in one, unification within love,
Greater growth, the embellishing of others, company and coffee,
St Vincent employee, Polish infectious disease doctor’s wife, lonely on a Sunday, a good woman wanting to share her simple faith,
Talkative, nervous, hinting at failing health, beautiful, charming, a sip of fine wine for the soul,
A Philippine woman appearing often, winter coat constantly worn, diminutive in stature, a bit insane upon the kindly side speaks suddenly of profound things,
The Transfiguration, Jesus revealing, Elijah and Moses accompanying, chosen apostles witnessing, the rock and the sons of thunder observe, the anchoring of the church in formation,
Coffee, laughs and cheers, another shows sporting a red hat, in your face, radiating conservative, attacking common core, Pope Leo XIII, St Michael and Our Holy Mother placed into war, the serpent sought, triumph and the end of the world,
On to St Wendelin’s, a company of four, a Philippine congregation, mass a plenty, St Faustina reverence, kissing the image of Our Divine Lord,
A visiting Philippine priest glorifying the struggles of a glorious personal miraculous revelation, the sharing of the suffering of Our Lord, Gethsemane and the pain of prayer,
A Philippine buffet, tantalizing the palate, food galore, cheers, conversation, talk of foreign lands,
Spanish imperial overlord, Barcelona, Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, Our Lady of Pillar, St John of the Cross, Teresa of Jesus,
Darkness cast aside, Divine Sunday be praised, fellowship, the wonders of the Church, Catholicism roars,
Driving, a buss stop, a familiar face, a Mercedarian priest, Father Justin forget public transit Metro Health calls, one lays dying, hop in, let’s explore,
Cleveland traffic, marginal neighborhoods, a favorite priest to chauffer, talk of an upcoming visit to Rome, the Mercedarian order, Spanish history, the modern rescuing from types of captivity, addicts and in hospitals, impoverished desiring mercy,
Our Lord is good in acting, Divine Mercy blessings, grateful, humble, contrite, and content,


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