Necessities and patience

Jesus, I trust in You
Holy Presence I kneel broken, sincere, making the sign of the Cross,
Corpus Christi, resting exposed I repose blinded, overpowered,
Fighting within, struggling against pain and sadness, waiting,
Relishing moments of peace, capabilities, a monstrance, harvesting confidence,
Trusting, instituting patience, the Eucharist through, with and in the Church,
Lord, I am a weak, one filled with tears, arrest the anger,
I need You, bring me others to be near,

The just and the unjust must each carry his own cross. Carry it with patience to be saved; carry it with impatience and be lost….

…with this present life, those who practice the most patience have the most peace of mind. Let us be convinced that in this valley of tears true peace of heart cannot be found except by those who lovingly embrace their crosses to please Almighty God. “If anyone wishes to come after me,” says the Lord, “he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23). This must be done, not by constraint and against our will, but with humility, patience, and love.

St Catherine of Genoa…”To attain union with God, adversities are indispensable. By them God aims at destroying all our corrupt propensities both within and without. All injuries, contempt, abandonment by loved ones, temptations and mortifications are necessary in the highest degree so that we carry on the fight until, by repeated victories, we come to extinguish all viciousness within us.”

“The patient man is better than the valiant” (Proverbs 16:32)…. –St Alphonsus Liguori ‘The Holy Eucharist’



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