A link to an interesting Eucharistic website: Emmanuel, the magazine of Eucharistic Spirituality, has been published continuously since 1895. It is one of the oldest and most respected Catholic periodicals in the United States.

I enjoyed the Polish movie ‘Ida‘ immensely.  The no holds-bar realism within its masterful cinematic storytelling moved me deeply.  The honesty of a discernment focused upon truth, harshly humanistic, achingly compassionate and loving in the telling of a young Polish sister embracing her religious vocation expanded my heart, broadened my love of the Church, increased my comprehension of Catholic relevancy.  There is a review of the film on the Emmanuel website that I am convinced strikes a deep and insightful tone.  Just the thought of the film brings tears, and it is not tears of emotion, rather extreme depth. Someone truly understands faith upon the level it has worked throughout my life.  It is not about being Catholic.  It is about being authentically human, and through being human we become deeply and truly Catholic.  If we do not understand our sinful, hurting and weak nature, we do not understand the healing the Church, the Eucharist, Christ, is able to provide.  We are not superior people of righteousness attempting to rule the world.  We are broken people opening ourselves to the grace of salvation, and in the process learning to see Christ in all our brothers and sisters.  A wonderful movie.  A must see for all those of piercing faith.




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