The Eucharist and prayer

To pray is to glorify God’s infinite goodness, to give word to divine mercy, to bring joy and expansion to God’s love of his creature by the fulfillment of the law of grace, which is prayer.  By prayer, therefore, man gives God the greatest glory possible.  Prayer is man’s greatest virtue.  All virtues are comprised in it, for all the virtues are a preparation for it and a part of it.  Faith believes, hope prays, and charity begs in order to give to others; humility of heart forms the prayer, confidence speaks it, and perseverance triumphs over God himself.

Eucharistic prayer has an additional merit; it goes straight to the heart of God like a flaming dart; it makes Jesus work, act, and relive in his sacrament; it releases his power.  The adorer does still more: he prays through Jesus Christ and shares our Lord’s role as intercessor with the Father and divine advocate for his redeemed brethren.  –St Peter Julian Eymard ‘How to Adore’



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