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My new employment is demanding time and attention.  I find it profitable, a truly divine alteration in the living of my life, a proper preparation to my active time of working with the Hospice of the Western Reserve,  I cannot focus all of my intellectual power upon contemplative reasoning.  My faith becomes centered upon mass and the Eucharist, adoration and the Rosary daily placing me before the gaze of my Lord.  Father Thomas Philippe is being savored in small doses upon waking.  His writing upon Holy Spirit inspired interior instruction astounded.

There is a great mystery in all this–especially in view of the fact that Our Lord, the word of God, is the interior teacher.  Exterior teachers, such as professors of theology, only present the object, the truth, whereas the interior teacher gives understanding.  But when the Word, the interior teacher, came to earth, he did not follow the order that would seem logical.  Before teaching the Apostles, and in order to be understood by them, it would seem that he ought first to have given them the Spirit.  As master of the Spirit, he could have done so.  But the mysterious fact is that Our Lord’s disciples did not have the Spirit and so could not profit fully from His preaching. (thus improper interpretations, the argument who would be first, Peter being rebuked–told to get behind the Lord)  They did not know how to receive it as contemplatives.

Light is shed on this mystery (making it all the darker, as always with mysteries) when we consider Mary had already received the Spirit; indeed she was the bride of the Holy Spirit.  When she was present for Our Lord’s preaching, she took in everything, and profited fully from it.  “Mary kept all these things in her heart” (Luke 2:19).  

…preaching is a word addressed to faith.  It does not try to show by arguments that the mysteries of faith are credible; rather it presents them as mysteries and abides as deeply as possible in their mystery…Holy preaching is the overflow of contemplation.

There is a scene from ‘The Passion of the Christ’, the audio of the movie haunting–intensifying mysteries, where Mary, portrayed powerfully by Maia Morgenstern, searches for her imprisoned son.  Listening with her heart, Mary sinks to the floor, crawling about on the floor, perceiving with her heart.  Beneath her is her shackled and bound Divine Son.

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