A fellowship letter

I met with my Hospice organizer this morning, a wonderful experience.  Communication is excellent.  The overall sense that God is guiding my every breath becomes apparent.  I have found my calling, amazed by the totality of my volunteering efforts.  Socially–spiritually and worldly-it presents fulfillment.  I am told I am a hot commodity being a male, opportunities exist involving attendance to minor league baseball games, sporting events, accompanying boys stricken with terminal illness who need an older male to guide and provide fellowship.  I almost asked her ‘are you serious?  I can enjoy such splendor?  How much do I have to pay?’ It is nothing, only God asking me to be of service.  I feel absolutely blessed.  I want to share a letter from a friend delivered during mass yesterday.

Mary’s month of the Holy Rosary 2015


Thank you for the kindness you have shown me by inviting me to the Poor Clare’s auction and brunch.  Not to mention our lunches at Aladdin’s.  You must allow me to treat you to lunch sometimes Jim.  The Lord is working through you in so many wonderful ways.  He’s always putting you right where He needs you to be.  And you are always doing just what He needs you to do.  May you continue to reach out to those who need a helping hand a piece of your caring, listening heart…your prayers and your LOVE.  Thank you for the friendship you have offered.  I pray that I may be worthy to be your friend and a friend of Jesus.  I pray that God gives me the grace and courage to overcome my pride and embrace the virtue of humility.  I pray that you Jim are given the gift of patience.  In God’s time may you receive your mission and share your heart with those in need.  May you continue to spend time in silence before your Eucharistic Lord adoring Him, praising Him and thanking Him.  May you continue to grow close to Our Brother Jesus and His Holy Mother Mary.  Remember angels and saints surround you.


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