Anonymity broadening,
Deepening, expanding,
Further unknown,
Open wide ancient doors,
St Clare providing,
A call to be alone,
A private chapel,
I AM alone,
A longing, a plea,
Not as quiet as a mouse, complaining,
Unification, joining the natural and the supernatural within love,
Joseph and Mary praying as one,
Hearts beating, physical reality,
Reposed adoration,
I sit,
The Eucharist stands,
One Sacred, one a sinner, still one,
Sacred simplicity,
One point, four directions,
Emanating forth, forming a cross,
A crucifixion, dying,
Understanding withstands tainted inflection,
A lack of an accent,
A slap on the wrist,
Working men talking,
Sounding the world,
A concrete saw deafening,
Wisdom beguiling,
Beyond defining,
Footsteps, double doors open,
Another quiet, sitting in prayer,
Momentarily addressed,
Set apart,
Ritual found,
The revealing commenced.


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