Two doors: Joseph and Mary

All is said here: this world of God, the antithesis of hell, is Joseph’s world.  It has two doors: the first, the entrance door, the one on the street, is entrusted to Joseph.  It allows one to leave a complicated, confused, hostile and dangerous world behind.  The other is the mysterious door, Mary’s door, the ancient devotion called the “Gate of Heaven,” through which Jesus enters into the world, in a very special way.  Everything happens as if the Lord were presenting himself between these two doors (Joseph and Mary) in the same way that the eternal Father presents himself, according to St Irenaeus, between “his two hands which are the Son and the Spirit.”  The Son imitates the Father; he also has two hands: Joseph by whom he pulls us away from the ambiguous world, this Babylon where people think they all speak the same language while no one understands his brother and Mary, by whom the Son inaugurates the new world, that of Pentecost, where each one speaks his own language, where each one is respected in his own uniqueness, yet everyone understands everyone else!  We must go through the first door so that the Spirit of the Father who comes through the second door might reveal the Son to us (cf Luke 10:22).  “No one comprehends what is truly God’s except the Spirit of God” (1 Cor 2:11).  Andrew Doze “Joseph: Shadow of the Father”



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