Joseph and Mary

… Mary and Joseph, a pair without equal, sacred lilies of incomparable beauty between whom the Beloved has gone down to his garden and pastures all His lovers! Alas, if I have any hope that this written word of love might enlighten and set the children of light ablaze, where can I better find myself than among your lilies (Joseph and Mary). Lilies among which the Sun of Justice, ‘a reflection of eternal light, a spotless mirror’ has refreshed himself so superbly that he experienced the delights of ineffable love for us.’ It is there that God came among humans, it is there that He comes in reality, it is there that He wishes to meet us, there that He can love us (between Joseph and Mary).

I find nothing sweeter to my imagination than to see little Jesus in the arms of the great Saint Joseph, calling him Daddy thousands of times in childlike words and with an absolutely filial and loving heart. — St Francis De Sales



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