Regarding Mary fair

I adore You, O my Divine Jesus, dwelling and living in the Most Blessed Virgin.
I adore the greatness and the perfections with which  Her soul is adorned.
I adore Your reign in Her and the absolute power which animates her whole being.
I adore Your life, which fills and animates Her heart and all Her faculties.
I adore the abundance of the gifts, the fullness of the virtues, and the fruitfulness of the graces you place in Her for the whole Church.
Divine Jesus, reign in and through Her on us forever.
Divine Lord, Your power is worthy to be adored, Your yoke and reign are always sweet, but it is never sweeter than under this throne of love.
How willingly we come to the feet of this holy tabernacle to render You our duties, and pray that You will destroy in us what is opposed to Your reign and life!
Divine Jesus, vivify our hearts; don’t accept in us any other life than Yours; destroy and annihilate all that is contrary to it..  Act in us like You do in Mary; that You alone live there and let all that is mortal be absorbed in Your life.
Grant that the virtues of Your spirit be in us as in Her, and  by Her same virtue all that comes from the corruption of the flesh be destroyed and annihilated in us.
What an admirable communion of the spirit, life and virtues of Jesus in Your soul, O my divine Mother! To me You are but one with Jesus, so much is He living in You, and You  consumed in Him.
Adorable model of the communion of all Christians, would to God that Your divine remembrance would fill our soul with its holy abundance, and with the fullness of His life with which  He vivifies You, O divine Mistress!
Divine Jesus, live in us through Your Mother, and give us the fullness of your gifts and holy graces, so as to be one with You and with Your dearest Mother.

Monsieur Jean Jacques Olier


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