‘Absent souls’ what does that mean?

Monsieur Olier speaks accurately to my sensibility, expanding and deepening my way of knowing.  The following paragraph from one of his letters introduces a new insight regarding the discerning of a small still voice. Silent in nature, loving in captivation, faith and hope are properly bolstered within an absent soul listening sincerely to the beating of his heart, keenly aware,  at all times,  of the presence of God.

Is it well known that absent souls see each other in God and speak about His goodness and love? How many times do you believe that the soul of Mary was present to the absent Jesus, and how Jesus spoke to His Mother though absent in body, but divinely present to Him?   – – Monsieur Olier

Tonight, I will spend a couple hours after work with a Hospice patient. I went out of my way, insisting upon the time.  The Hospice covers the hours through the night with in-house staff, asking for volunteers in this case only from eight AM to eight PM. Her sister and niece approved my late night visit, granting permission for a prayer vigil. The women is ninety-seven, single throughout her life, the oldest of eight siblings. Her younger sister talked extensively about her older caretaking sister. The elder, controlling and opinionated, lorded over her siblings and their children throughout her life. The younger sister loved her older sister, speaking of her wisdom and strength, yet stressing her sister was an angry,  hot-tempered woman, difficult to endure often. Recently, before the elder sister became unresponsive, she remarked to her younger sister,  ‘You must hate me for the things I have said and done’.  Her sister responded, ‘Oh no!  I forgive you for everything’.  The elder demanded more of an answer,  ‘Why would you forgive me? I was a bitch and I knew it. I wanted you to despise me.’  ‘You were my sister. You always watched over me. I love you’. The words moved me, however looking at my patient, eyes wide open, I was shocked by the severity of her anger. Her sister was causing great unrest within her. She wanted to say something. She wanted to argue and fight. She wanted to shut her sister up. I was positive of the fact.  I knew I had to be alone with her, to speak to her about releasing the immense wrath filling her heart. I knew she must hear me recite a Rosary and sing the Divine Mercy chaplet. Tonight will be our time together. She is a new soul I am attaching to within love and prayer. This is a special one. We need one another.


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