Casa Dolce

I spoke with the owner of Casa Dolce.  She is allowing me to conduct a photo shoot next week in her bakery/cafe.  I am so pleased.  The little eatery has become important to my morning prayer life, meditative and social.  Reserved, quaint, I admire the locale as a visual treat.  I noticed information for a Catholic elementary school, drawing me closer in tune.  The Hudson Montessori postcards sat next to the display of handmade greeting cards I admire so much, a peacock favorite recently mailed.  The baked goods: iced cupcakes, cookies, small cakes, and donuts colorfully present a soothing image.  Intelligence, quality, a respect for detail, fine taste, and a bit of a carefree whimsical nature I find within.  The prepared foods are not only marvelous in taste, yet splendidly prepared for visual delight.  I will post the photos as their own page.


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