What if my silence is internal chattering?
Nervous energy, a need to babble to myself,
What if I am so tired?
Fighting sleep throughout prayer,
Sitting listening to the body,
I am still, yet still I am running,
Reacting, knee-jerking, reflexing,
The head lurches, a jolt, nervous portending,
Cater a cost to the eternal,
All our welcome amidst the enduring,
Nothing comes near,
Not even a small quiet voice,
Holding on, letting go, releasing the fight,
In order to fight stronger,
Smarter without knowing,
Delusion dominating decades,
Broadcasting a mind focused, yet wandering,
Nothing unfolding, unfolding within,
A steady stream, cascading water,
Ever present within Presence,
Purity, a lacking internal and external,
Peace, the removal of desire,
Apophatic, theology of negation,
No longer needing to learn while learning,
Remaining maleable,
Moments unfolding, truth revealing,
Opening a new expansion increasing,
Please, whisper softly, answer,
Lord, who am I?
What am I to do with all this love I am harvesting?


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