A petition, an imposition exercising efficacy.
Lord relieve the strain, release the chains, leash the dogs,
Spare the burden of self-advised spiritual superiors,
Leave in the past Bible scholars, an intricate imbroglio,
Lacking formation, demented, inwardly cruel, and perverse,
Tame the tongue of kindly advisors,
A kindness unwanted is no kindness at all,
Blind the eye of psychological incitors,
Teeth bared and barking, incisors sharp, cutting with acute severity,
Self-will run riot, destroying behind a facade, comrades at arms,
Clanging gongs, chaos presenters, remove false teachers, extract and precede,
Please hide me from those who need to surpass,
Who need an advanced reputation,
Who need desperately to be something special,
Shelter me from the desires of spiritual ambition, the proud feeding upon the meek,
Identity increased through continual insistence, exterior stench of deprivation,
Contemplatives in conversation, competitive cleverness, crafty and sly,
Anchor me in prayer, amongst the gentle, simple, and strong,
Make me a serpent and dove coalesced within one,
Attractive and accountable within filial bonds,
Hide me Lord,
Talking Heads clever in pretty persuasion, let them pass by,
Shattered community, gathering in gossiping groups, disguise me Lord,
Falling faces thinking thoughts into spiteful, bitter moments, move me beyond,
Memories usurped within destruction, spare me O Lord,
You, my Lord, the Word Incarnate know the way, Wisdom embodied,
But He passed through the midst of them and went away.


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