The Knight and His Celestial Lady

O Holy Virgin
Keep my heart as that of a child,
Pure, fresh, and wide and glad,
Transparent as a spring.
Give me a simple heart,
That does not savor sadness,
A Heart that glories when it gives itself,
A heart aware of frailty
And open to compassion,
A faithful and generous heart
That remembers every benefit
And does not cherish rancor for a hurt.
Give me a tender, humble heart,
That loves and ask for no return,
Happy to efface itself in another heart,
In the presence of your Divine son,
A heart great and indomitable,
That no ingratitude can lock,
And no indifference render slack,
A heart tormented with the glory of Jesus Christ,
And wounded by His love,
A wound that only shall be healed in Heaven.

Pere Leone de Grandmaison


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