Proper standing

Be mindful, in humility and resignation, that all of the benevolent aims you now have may not be carried out for want of courage once God his made you equal to their execution.  At least you must consider the possibility of God’s denying you the satisfaction of doing a good work, either by a hidden disposition of divine Providence, or as an atonement for past offenses; perhaps in His wisdom, He wishes to see your human will attuned to His Divine Will, and see you humble in spirit before omnipotence itself.  –‘The Spiritual Combat’ Dom Lorenzo Scupoli

Spiritual Combat

The significant eyes of one, tweaking a smile, resisting a wrestle,
Humbled, allowing refreshing, kneeling, surrendering within forgiveness row,
A pew, a path, anew amidst the saturation of a touch,
Gentleness and kindness, a significant feeling one must become better,
Growing silent in speech, growing silent in interaction, allowing patience and space to fertilize,
Understanding, comprehending that which serves in prayer provides in love,
Traversing a mountain, generational sin, overcoming a past, climbing backwards into an authentic heart,
A mirror upon the mind laying bare, removing old crosses creating crosses, curses and reflective dares, stares into the unconscious,
Delegating no blame, rejecting chattering refrains, eliminating chaotic choruses, avoiding everything over and over, denouncing frigid habitual descending stairs,
It is good to know myself, to stomp upon the head of the serpent alive through my life, to delight in simplicity, to love in immensity.


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