They that mourn become strong in understanding

…they that mourn, they shall be comforted; and they shall be comforted, not simply by a subsequent reward, a belated consolation prize for what they have suffered, but because their sorrow itself will be turned into joy even on earth, the sort of joy that gives life, strength, courage, and exhilaration.

…The Paraclete, the Comforter, is not primarily a soothing influence. The word itself means a strengthening: it is, if you will a soothing influence—this is sometimes a necessity—but only in order to give a renewed courage and strength to face the reality which has overwhelmed the sufferer. And perhaps here there is a clue to our Lord’s apparent paradox. Blessed are they who are ready and anxious to go to great lengths, endure great discomfort, in order to bring strength and courage to others: for in their giving to others of these things they will themselves receive them. To encourage another to great deeds is to be strengthened yourself. And—lest we lose sight of the gentler side of comfort in stressing the stronger—there are a few things that bring greater balm and peace to the soul than to bring them to the soul of another.  –Father Gerald Vann ‘The Divine Pity’

Faith walking into the unknown,
Hope arising from the core of being,
Nothing made up, nothing unknown,
Existence within stillness, a quietness within cognizance,
Love guiding every breath, soothing every step, strengthening inner resolve,
Everything and anything can be done in the name of Christ,
Morality arises as a reality rather than an infliction,
Sentience sublime, one understands able to exercise wisdom,
The simple naturally ascends,
Going up appears as the only path,
Divine in presence,
The easing of burdens becomes a way of giving,
Need, delusion, desire, self-serving, hiding behind that which is good distresses,
Religion is not self-absorption, nor the expanding of pride,
Nothing superior, ethos inferior,
No despair as one becomes little, as one learns to do less,
Monstrosities form grandiose, they always will, yet a true way returns to the center,
Faith, hope and charity created by the Creator as an interior,
A source, an image and likeness.



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