Silent couples prayer from Healing the Eight Stages of Life

You may wish to pray this way for a few moments each day with your spouse or another person with whom you have a primary relationship.

A. Get in touch with how you need’s Jesus’ help.

B. Share it with each other.

C. Let one person give prayer and the other receive. If you are giving prayer, get in touch with your love and God’s love for the other person.  Reach out as Jesus within you wants to reach out and simply fill the other for five minutes.  The person receiving simply breathes in love (Jesus’ love within each other).

D. Reverse roles.

If you are alone, imagine yourself holding hands with Jesus and a person who loves you.  For five minutes breathe in their love for you.  Then, ask Jesus what the person who loves you most needs.  With Jesus (or Mary) breathe Jesus’ healing love into that person..


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