In innocence nostalgic thoughts

Our Lady’s Knight


“‘A peaceful sky, there are such things,’ I recalled from a popular song; and now I marveled at it. A rainbow high, there are such things,’ and I was thrilled by it that morning. ‘Have faith and trust in what tomorrow brings; you’ll reach the stars, because there are such things,’ the song continues. Believe me mother I do have confidence in it. I’m willing to prove its worth, even with my life. As I speed through the blue sky and soar gallantly through the universe, I feel as if I were peering dauntlessly in search of anyone or anything that may tamper with, endanger, or plot against the things we Americans love you and cherish. I am absolutely certain that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–the things we love so much, the things that men like myself sacrifice their human existence for–shall continue to be realities in America. There are such things, and there shall always be such things in America! ‘

There Are Such Things

A heart that’s true, there are such things
A dream for two, there are such things
Someone to whisper “Darling you’re my guiding star”
Not caring what you own but just what you are

A peaceful sky, there are such things
A rainbow high where heaven sings

So have a little faith and trust in what tomorrow brings
You’ll reach a star because there are such things


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