The third time is one of tranquility, when one considers first for what purpose man is born, that is to praise God our Lord and save his soul, and, desiring this, chooses as a means to this end some life or state within the bonds of the church, so that he may be helped in the service of his Lord and the salvation of his soul. I said a tranquil time, that is, when the soul is not agitated by different spirits, and uses its natural powers freely and tranquilly.


Without any disordered attachment, so that I am not more inclined or disposed to accept the thing before me than to refuse it, nor to refuse it rather than accept it, but that I find myself like a balance at equilibrium, ready to follow whatever I perceive to be more for the glory and praise of God our Lord and the salvation of my soul.

St Ignatius ‘Spiritual Exercises’st-ignatius-1-728


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