World serious

Spent Saturday, alone, visiting Toledo. Significant in symbolism, road construction dominated driving around the city. Interstate Seventy-five is a nightmare. Departing, returning to Cleveland, the entrance to Seventy-five was blocked. I routed myself through downtown, bound for interstate Two-eighty, forsaking Seventy-five. Arriving at Two-eighty, another road block greeted. The ubiquitous road construction represented well a feeling of frustration and sadness. Memories surfaced of futility, various incidents emerging in detail. Overall, the realization became concrete I never stood a chance. It was inevitable my life would crash, even within a concrete devotion to God. Mary guiding, then and now, I hold no bitterness, accepting and understanding my path to understanding. I recall the Rescuer driving me out of the city of my rearing, announcing my time in Toledo was done: ‘take a look around for your never coming back’. Tonight, I sit in downtown Cleveland, watching the World Series at Progressive Field, huddled amongst a packed house, cheering on the Indians playing the Cubs in Chicago, typing this between innings. Traveling eastbound on the Turnpike, during morning prayer, the comprehension Cleveland is home arose relevant. It may not be a permanent home, yet for now it is a good home. Through grace and hard work, I have matured into peace. Today, the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration at St Paul Shrine conducted their annual fundraiser. The Bishop celebrated Mass. The Church was full. Many friends attending. The food was good and the auction entertaining. I purchased two ponchos knitted by the sisters. It is good to have a sober home, allowing authentic worship of God. Now let’s concentrate on winning a World Series tonight. Indians just pulled to within one, score three to two.



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