Advent thought

I desire no consolations which takes me from the sting of conscience; nor do I seek consolation which leads to pride.  For all that is esteemed is not Holy, nor every sweet thing good, nor everything that is dear pleasing to God.

Thoughts leading to addiction, ponder and consider.  Can a sin linger, granted permission to abide under the guise it is necessary because it humbles?  Can I allow a particular sin of propensity to stick around, content with the sincere humbling it brings about?

The previous paragraphs were a text exchange, coalescing subtly.  I have heard it said that when dieting the first ten or twenty pounds are easy to lose.  It is the last five or so that prove difficult.  I hope it is not shallow, for the vanity of shedding pounds is a poor example, yet the point is refinement commences quite naturally, however the further one goes the narrower the road becomes.  Those sins rooted deepest within habit and personal imperfection; upbringing  and subconscious, pride and prejudice, are the last five or so pounds proving nearly impossible to shed, most likely impossible without the grace of God.


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