Renunciation with an open heart

Certainly, anyone who desires and aims to arrive at and remain in such a state must needs above all have eyes and senses closed and not be inwardly involved or worried about anything, nor concerned or occupied with anything, but should completely reject all such things as irrelevant, harmful and dangerous.  Then he should withdraw himself totally within himself and not pay any attention to any object entering the mind except Jesus Christ, the wounded one, alone, and so he should turn his attention with care and determination through Him into Him that is, through the man into God, through the wounds of His humanity into the inmost reality of His divinity. Here he can commit himself and all that he has, individually and as a whole, promptly, securely and without discussion, to God’s unwearying providence… –St Albert the Great ‘On Cleaving to God’

This statue of saint Albert the Great can be found in the Angelicum, the Dominican University in Rome.


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