Proper perspective

Is there question of our sins and imperfections? Let us say to God from the bottom of our hearts: “I detest my faults and my miseries. By the help of Thy grace I am resolved to do all in my power to get rid of them.” He will come to our assistance, yet in such a manner that whilst securing to us the victory, He will foster in us the feeling of self-contempt. Perhaps vain complacency would take hold of us if we found ourselves possessed of courage and strength. He will give us the grace to triumph humbly—–that is to say, with a sense of our weakness, and consequently with becoming modesty. Instead of being intoxicated with pride, we shall only think of our abjection and nothingness. Such self-contempt will make us very pleasing to God. And, on the other hand, when we have progressed so far that now our only pleasure is to please God, nothing more can ever trouble us.  –Abbot Vitalis Lehodey ‘Holy Abandonment’

Water: grace of the Holy Spirit.


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