Divine humility

Jesus Christ as man was perfectly humble because He did not love Himself, but purely and simply adored and loved God. He was not glorified in Himself, but only in God. He humbled Himself in order that He might contemplate only His Father’s glory, and in that glory alone did He take satisfaction. By the light of Christ, therefore, we can define spiritual humility thus: Just as pride of spirit, the pride of Lucifer and of those who accept his dominion, consists in self-love and self-admiration, and self-satisfaction therein, so also humility means loving God, contemplating God, adoring God, and taking satisfaction in Him and in Him alone. Genuine, solid humility is nothing but this simple and pure love of God. Where such pure love dwells, no place remains for self-love. –Blessed Paul Giustiniani quoted by Dom Jean Leclercq in ‘God Alone with God’


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