Season of Repentenance

One of the things which ought most assure of us the pardon of our sins is to have a great regret and sorrow for them; so if we continually look upon them with sorrow and confusion. God will forget them, and regard them no more. For this reason, David being touched with sorrow for his sins, in order to make God forget them, and turn His eyes from them, said to Him, “I know mine iniquity, O Lord, and my sin is always before my eyes.” St Jerome makes a just remark upon the words of the same prophet; “turn Thy face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities.” “If”, says the holy doctor, “you put always your sins before your eyes, God will not put them before His”. –St Alphonsus Rodriguez ‘The Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection II’

The time of massive bleeding ceasing, deprivation carving roughly upon the old man,
Passing into the repose of maturity blessed, a new day starts everyday amassing grace,
Shutting down fearful expectations, desperation, immense and hearty breathing in and out: who are you? and who am I?
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, forgive me for I am a sinner,


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