Transformed through the Eucharist

St Cyprian, interpreting these words of the royal prophet, “my chalice which inebriates, how excellent it is?” (Ps xii 5) and applying them to the Eucharist, says, “that as drunkenness renders a man quite different from what he was, so this divine sacrament renders us quite different from ourselves by making us quite forget the things of the world, and elevating our minds to a commerce with those of heaven.”  How different did the disciples at Emmaus become from what they were before, after they received this celestial bread from the hands of our Savior himself?  “They knew Him then, whom they knew not before” (Luke xxiv. 35) and from inconstant, feeble, and timorous persons, they became firm, faithful, and courageous.  It is after this manner that holy communion “ought to change you into another man, into a perfect man; that so they who live; live not to themselves, but live to him who died for them and is risen again to life.” (2 Cor v. 15) –St Alphonsus Rodriguez ‘The Practice of Christian & Religious Perfection II’


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