Camaldolese Conference

In our thirteen preceding conferences we tried to bring order to our interior faculties and to our intellect itself. We spoke about our external senses, which are, as it were, five doors leading to our soul. We spoke of the memory and our imagination, the interior senses, which can be a help to our intellect but can also become a great obstacle. All the mentioned faculties must be brought to the right order. A silence should be imposed on deviations and care should be taken that they do not become a hindrance or an obstacle in our spiritual life. Our intellect also must submit to Christian ascesis and discipline. It must be illuminated by faith. Let us also remember that from our intellect to our will, a long road is often the division. A Latin poet—Ovid expressed what I’m saying in the following verse: “Video Meliora, proboque, deteriora sequor.” It means: I see better things and approve them, but I follow the less good ones (or the worst, if you wish).


Perfect silence in ourselves is the fruit of many sacrifices, of a long period of suffering, and of many tears and prayers.

Perfect silence is the sign of the final victory of Christ’s power in our life. It is a great interior silence to which we are called—a silence filled with God.  –Silence: A series of Conferences Given by a Camaldolese Hermit.


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