Holy Fool

By combating the wisdom of the world, which is foolishness in the eyes of God. St. Paul speaks frequently in this manner, but the greater percentage of us rely on this world’s wisdom. Yet Christ constantly warns us in his teaching that we should expect to be a contradiction and a paradox to the world. This does not mean that the world as such is evil, but it does mean that those who live and act for worldly goals and according to worldly standards will inevitably have to jettison the standards of God. The lives of the saints are replete with instances in which the gift of wisdom caused them to perform actions that were foolish in the eyes of the worldly but were divine and prudent from a supernatural point of view. –Father Jordan Aumann ‘Spiritual Theology’

We viewed an amazing documentary at the Cleveland Film Festival, a local effort by a Cleveland director portraying an astounding Cleveland immigrant.  The man truly proves the necessity of being a contradiction and paradox to the world.  A lovely story of love, an inspiring biography of a man’s whose dying words were three in number: ‘I love you’, an ode to his wife and a life of unimaginable providence. Insight into the film grew in depth after the film while attending a question and answer with the director and members of Peter Ertel’s family.



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