Tranche de vie

A silver lining the underside of a shadow, a cloak,
Darkness pretending while penetrating, violet lashings,
Sending out waves in a softening, putting to sleep,
The beauty laden orchestra practices precision,
Two harps sounding, twenty violins bowing, eight cellos pacing,
Tens, hundreds, and thousands of moments passing,
Until now the weakness harbored savage repercussions,
Pouring rain, thunder and lightning, the gloom of a cloudy evening hiding the moon and stars,
The difference between being alone and loneliness, solitude and isolation,
Unseen footsteps traced upon the scattered remnants of a multitude of lives,
Wearied without worry, destiny appears claimed, a mountain range looms,
Skipping over dejection, detached from desolation, attention accentuates perception, confidence carries,
So close yet far away, the peace of Christ, the wedding of bliss, nothing amiss,
For now warfare wages upon subtler terms, fortitude silent and still, inner and personal the struggle lingers.


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