Exertion and Reflection

I dug and dug, toiling through roots, bursting bloody hands upon rocks,
Shoveling, ripping, tearing through an exhausting excavation,
Mounds of dirt piling about the cavity I stood within,
The sun setting, I fell asleep, vivid dreams nowhere to be found,
A rain came washing, thunder unheard, lightning unseen,
Water filled the pit, a damn bursting, asleep I remained,
A stream created, cleansing away, rivulets branching,
Purging, emptying, I awoke to the sun baking,
Drying the remnants of the unknown storm,
Eyes bleary, understanding ceasing from acts,
Suspended, I remained astonished and occupied:
A mountain appeared sitting,
An ocean appeared breathing,
A tiger lily blossomed,
An eagle soared,
All this and more within,
Time passed, I turned noticing a treasure chest unearthed within the pit,
Opening the chest, the bones of fish spilled out, entirely I removed the remaining,
There upon the bottom a shimmering pearl waited to be found.
I closed the chest, patience and gratefulness,
Knowing it was not the time,


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