Growing old with the Holy Spirit

According to Guigo, Hugh kept strict custody of the eyes and the senses in general; he practiced poverty and was pious. His continual prayers, fasts, and vigils made him a true contemplative, a man who had an experiential knowledge of God and who had received the gift of tears, which at his time was considered as the summit of the spiritual life. Hugh shed tears of contrition and of thanksgiving, especially in periods of sickness, a trial which began very early in his life and conformed him to the suffering Christ. Little by little he became senile and lost his memory almost completely, except concerning the things of God (prayers), which he remembered perfectly until his last day. –‘A Dwelling Place of God; Saint Bruno, and Saint Hugh, Bishop of Grenoble, Founder and Co-Founder of the Carthusian Order’ Charterhouse of the Transfiguration


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