Words from a spiritual friend

Insensibility of the heart is a heavy trial, at least for the soul that has not yet arrived at perfect abandonment. The trial becomes heavier still when to the privation of devotional feelings are added disgust, repugnance and interior revolt. It is human nature recoiling before the prospect of great sacrifice or when the cup of suffering is already full. This repugnance and revolts have nothing sinful about them, provided we suffer them with patience and do not allow our wills to be drawn away. The only thing lacking then is the feeling of our submission, since our wills remain united to the will of God and faithful to all its duties. Remember the Savior’s agony in the Garden of Olives and you will understand that bitterness of heart and the violence of anguish are not incompatible with the most perfect submission. The revolts are limited to the inferior part. In the higher region of the soul submission continues to reign. –Abbot Vital Lehodey ‘The Way That Leads to God’


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