No early Saturday Mass and Holy Hour at St Dominic this morning.  I learned the fact after arriving.  It sent me to Sacred Heart, and thus the discovery the men’s group I use to be involved with was conducting a session after Mass.  The men meet monthly on the second and fourth Saturdays.  I proved to be a meaningful experience.  Starting the session with bagels, orange juice, and familiarizing fellowship, I realized how much I enjoyed the men, individuals emerging distinct.  Initial and final discussion, centered upon Roger Freedman, an electrician I knew from St Paul Shrine who passed away two years ago during the Advent season.  Roger was a regular member of the group, rarely missing a meeting.  His wife is still active at St Paul Shrine and all the men relished in reminiscing about Roger.  I commented on a comment about Roger during his funeral Mass, as a deacon made a powerful statement perfectly describing his personality.  The deacon said, ‘Roger was always happy to see you, even when he was not’.  A whimsical way of defining Roger’s amiable and outgoing nature that never expressed negativity, nor confrontation toward others.  He was truly a kind and considerate man.  The Sacred Heart men’s group starts their sessions singing three hymns, allowing a harmonizing and unifying of voices to tenderize personalities.  They advance to a communal psalm prayer, similar to a religious community exercising the Liturgy of the Hours, followed by the sabbath scriptural reading for the coming Sunday.  Today’s reading covered the final week of the liturgical year, the celebration of the Kingship of Jesus Christ.  After the reading of lectionary scripture, we will listen to a commentary on the readings by Bishop Robert Barron. Today, Bishop Barron moved me with the creation of an image of Jesus warring during His Passion and Crucifixion.  Jesus was not a passive victim being executed.  He was a King battling through the conquering of the world and death.  Once the Bishop has spoken, the meeting is opened to comments from the attending men.  I am always impressed by the maturity, humility, and seriousness of the group.  There are differences, yet everyone is listened to, and the prayerful nature of the beginning carries over into personal thoughts and opinions.  We end with a final hymn, everyone singing together.  It was a wonderful time of manly fellowship.  One man in particular draws my attention.  He is a writer, a bit of an agitator—poking at conservative Catholics and those who tend to point a finger of blame at others.  He is actively involved in prison ministry.  Prosperous, respected for his gardening skills, and advancing into his elderly years, the articulate and intelligent man served a prison sentence himself when younger.  I believe he was imprisoned for just over five years.  I may visit with him at his home this coming week.  God is good and all giving.


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