A poet

I found a copy of ‘The Works of Christina Rossetti’ at a Cleveland Heights Library book sale. The woman’s vision and sense of eternity pervading is awesome; inspiring and friendly in companionship.  Akin, she remains a soul one aspires to watch a sunrise, sunset, or reflecting moon with, or nothing at all; a knowing set afire, while complacent and contrite in silence.

A boat amid the ripples drifting from photos of Connecticut.

Haycocks from photos in North Dakota.

a poem by Christina Rossetti


A boat amid the ripples, drifting, rocking,
Two idle people, without pause or aim;
While in the ominous west there gathers darkness
Flushed with flame.

A haycock in a hayfield backing, lapping,
Two drowsy people pillowed round about;
While in the ominous west across the darkness
Flame leaps out.

Better a wrecked life than a life so aimless,
Better a wrecked life than a life so soft;
The ominous west glooms thundering, with its fire
Lit aloft

A painted portrait: a poet and her mother.


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