The Fortifying of those called to a deeper way

Whoever seeks to approach the eternal truth and fountain of all light must know himself thoroughly. He must not imitate the pride (self-consciousness and insecurity) of those who obtain no other knowledge than what their sins (brokenness and imperfection, passed through generations, not just immorality) provide, and who begin to open their eyes only when they are plunged into some disgraceful and unforeseen debacle (free will usurping Divine Will). This happens through God’s permission that they may know their own weakness, and, by sad experience, learn not to rely on their own strength. God seldom applies so severe a remedy against their presumption unless more proper means have failed.

Briefly, He permits persons to sin more or less grievously in proportion to their pride, and, if there were any as free from pride as the Blessed Virgin (able to propitiously transcend personal desires and identity—aware and knowing herself, she remained hidden within her life, glorying in God as a contemplative), I dare say they would never fall. As often as you commit a fault, therefore, immediately strive to probe your inner consciousness; earnestly beg Our Lord to enlighten you, that you may see yourself as you are in His sight, and presume no more on your strength. Otherwise you will fall again into the same faults, or perhaps much greater ones to the eternal ruin of your soul. –‘The Spiritual Combat’ Dom Lorenzo Scupoli

Spiritual Combat


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