A life of providence

“…everything is made by divine providence, from the first beginning of the world until the end.  My (God’s)providence gives you and permits everything to happen to you, both tribulations and consolations, whether temporal and spiritual.

“Divine providence grants every circumstance of your life for your good, in order that you may be sanctified in me, and that my truth may be fulfilled in you.  That truth is that I created you in order to possess eternal life, and manifested this with the blood of my only-begotten Son, the Word

“…You, eternal Trinity, are a deep Sea, into which the deeper I plunge the more I find, and the more I find the more I seek.  The soul cannot be filled to excess in your abyss, for it continually hungers after you...  –Catherine of Siena ‘Little Talks With God’.

Falling into the abandoned abyss of being, the existence of solitary yearning,
Plunging into cold waters practicing prayer, breathing viscous hunger, more and more appeasing, flourishing within believing,
Subsisting upon the screams of vocal chords sounding, echoing, chanting, vibrating things not their own, a chorus resounding, a singular high pitched fifing remaining alighting, unifying delighting,
Providence provides the masking of desperate disguises, the knowing of matters confined to refinement,
Pleasing oh Lord the misery of worldly advancement, the deconstructing of plans set upon material amassing, the imploding demands of sensual sidetracking, the fickle unfocused frolicking of fiendish free will all apart of Divine planning,
A blessing, a river crossing, a wrestling match concluded, the journey gradually sauntering beyond the guilt of sin, settling upon the purview within an emptied vessel,
The magnificent depravity of virtue attaining colorful tones fading into the background of a finely detailed dying to a life forgotten, a void,
Out of reach, anew, washed in the blood of One who always knew the predestination of a fate lacking choices amidst a multitude of moments within the overwhelming obliteration, God stands alone, Divine symmetry,
Memory assuaged, more and more the message of the spoken Word becomes lost within the sounds of silence, espousing still trying, letting go, opening awareness, squelching the senses individuality declining, finely tuning the center of creation: faith, hope, and charity,
Synchronized to a song as it was, as it will be, and as it is to come, a funeral party dancing into the grave, life is short while eternity long,



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