Decreasing in order to increase

Albert Peyriguere, spiritually directing a religious sister through letters, while tending to the spiritual and practical needs of Berbers of the desert, strikes through concepts, driving home the piercing pike of the experiential superseding thought and outward expression.  Ideas articulated like indifference, sacrifice—offering up suffering, infused darkness, asceticism, solitary austerities, the most sublime and deepest spiritual concepts are to be passed through.  That which we hold to the highest ideal, must be abandoned in order to allow Christ to seize control.

We must no longer speak of what we like or dislike.  No longer speak of what seems important or unimportant.  We are no more, Christ alone is in us.  In us and through us.  He does what He wants, and it is what He wants that is good.

“Holy Indifference.”  We have been moved beyond that and it has no more meaning.  Everything in us is a vehicle for Christ’s life in us.  How can anything be indifferent to us which results in more of Christ?  Everything becomes a “joyous giving” in our lives.

…through the most insignificant of our actions, Christ…exists a little more.  I’m speaking of the mystical Christ, who is also the real and personal Christ, and something more besides.  The soul no longer knows how to say “no”; it no longer classifies things as painful or pleasant, as important or minor since everything in our lives is the clay Christ uses to mold Himself in us.  This is very lofty spirituality, but clear, simple, practical.  Not flights of romanticism which carry us into the land of dreams (or shallow outward expressions).  –Albert Peyriguere ‘Voice From the Desert’

The previous day video is now posted.  Photos have been added to North Dakota part 2 page.


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