Ultimate acts

The symbol (Jesus washing the Apostle’s feet) of love is mingled with the symbol of purity, so that we may learn that where true love is, there also is the assembly of saints. Jesus does not need to be purified, but He humbles Himself and He loves. He gives an example of every virtue. By this act, He affirms that the enemy of love is pride, and that the enemy of all good is the refusal to love. Humility and charity are the foundation and the crown respectively of the spiritual edifice which He intends to erect, both in the individual and in the human race. And the Cross, too, which supports this edifice, is as humiliating as it is painful; but when the work is accomplished it will be glorious as the instrument of union and the source of bliss. Every thing is there. All is in the Cross, because all is in humility and love, and the washing of the feet is the herald of the Cross. –-Father A. G. Sertillanges ‘What Jesus Saw From the Cross’


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