Consecration of Saint Joseph

In order to receive Mary’s love, in order to receive her who was totally consecrated to God, Joseph must have had to enter into this consecration himself…..When Mary told him about herself, Joseph received her as she was, and, since he loved her, his only desire could have been to live what she lived. When we love someone, we receive what is most secret in that person and we desire to live it too. If it were any other way it would be the proof that we do not really love that person, since love is concerned with what is best, most intimate and most secret in a person. Truly choosing to love someone means loving what is most profound in that person. What was deepest in Mary was that she belonged to God. Joseph therefore chose this out of love for her, and so consecrated himself to God by the very fact that he loved her. —Father Marie-Dominique Philippe ‘The Mystery of St Joseph’


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